What is AppsYe?

AppsYe is a DIY mobile app development platform for businesses and individuals. With AppsYe you will get a powerful tool with built-in features that will help you to create a mobile app in minutes — no coding required!

We at AppsYe works tirelessly to fine tune the most powerful mobile app development platform. We want you to benefit the most out of it.

Why AppsYe?

AppsYe brings you a powerful online mobile app builder. Visual Mobile App Development will speed up the development process.




What are the steps in the creation of a mobile app?

We are more than happy to offer you a free account to experience our online mobile app development platform.

  1. Visit www.appsye.com
  2. Sign-up with for Free Membership
  3. We send an account details via email, as soon as you sign-up
  4. Just click on the activation received and get access to the App Development Platform

Post activation of your account, log in to my.appsye.com to build your first mobile app and when you’re ready, you can publish app for free with terms or upgrade to a paid subscription account and we will provide you with access to generate your app source code and app binary files which you can then use to publish your app in the Android and iOS stores.

Step by Step details for create an App in AppsYe – https://appsye.com/how-appsye-works/

Do i need a credit card to Sign up for a free membership and build my app?

No credit card is required for signing up for free membership or build your apps.

Are there templates to help me to get started?

Yes. There are variety of industry specific templates to choose from. The templates also come with features which are typically associated with the theme or business type selected. In many cases, building an app can be as easy as choosing a template and replacing our sample data with your data.

Who is AppsYe for?

Our platform is designed for anyone looking for a cost effective way to build a mobile app without writing a single line of code. If you can use a computer, you can use our platform with ease to build your mobile app.

What mobile platform does AppsYe support?

AppsYe supports iPhone, Android and HTML5. Build your app once and it will work across the mentioned platforms.

Do i need Apple and Google Developer accounts?

Yes. Both Apple and Google do require that you should open your own developer accounts. Here you can find how to upload apps to both accounts after create developer accounts.

Android – https://appsye.com/playstore/

IOS – https://appsye.com/appstore/

Why should i get a mobile app, when i already have a website?

Mobile apps allow to reach customers easily as compared to websites. You can always be connected with your customers if they have your app on their mobile device.

Can i make changes to my app after it is published?

 Yes, you can always change the content of your mobile app post it’s published to the app stores and you don’t have to republish your app to manage the content of your app.

Is it easy to maintain and update my app?

You can build and maintain your app with ease. You don’t need any technical background for making changes or update to your app. You get access to our platform dashboard from where you can built, maintain and support your app and its users.

Can i see my app before i publish?

Yes. There is an emulator built within the platform app editor, so you can see the changes as you make them. In addition,  you can install app file in your mobile device and see the app.

Do i have to host my apps?

No, the app is hosted on our server.

How do i get help?

Very Easy, Just drop us an email on info@appsye.com

How long does it take before my app is available in the app stores?

Publishing to respective app stores is external to AppsYe platform. But with our past experience with Google and Apple app store, once you post your app to publish, Google app store will take one to two days time maximum and Apple app store approximately a week. We have no control over the respective app stores review process.

I want to resell apps created with AppsYe as business. Can i do it myself?

Absolutely! That’s something we would like you to have. We are in process to get this feature for you. “White Label” the entire platform under your own brand name; AppsYe will be invisible to your customers.